Socialism vs. True Harmony

Socialism is not the key to harmony in a society it is the ruin of it. If it weren't for men like Alexander Graham Bell, Orville and Wilber Wright, Booker T. Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Christopher Columbus, etc. we would have never become a nation of new discovery, a nation of hope, a nation for the people, by the people, of the people. But despite all this John Dewey wanted the Christian religion gone from 'The Collective Society'. The thing that was the very foundation of America from the start. He saw it a threat to the harmony and growth of society. But without Christ there can't ever be true peace, true joy, true love. Only with the Bible as THE guide can anyone ever have a strong society. We're all sinners born into a sin filled world. There's no Utopia to have on this earth, but we can have hope in Christ, joy in His grace, and show love to others because He first loved us. Not a "Peace, Love, and Rock'n'roll" kind of thing, but a law abiding, level headed, care for others around you. That's the true "Harmony of the Collective Society".

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