I'm Selling My Horse

$700 OBO

To good home with good pasture land only. Polish Arabian Mare, 26 yrs. grey with pedigree and titles.

Great with little children!

She really needs a place where people will ride her and give her good exercise. A good beginner/intermediate horse with lots of spunk! She has had a lot of different training through out the years; from jumping and English riding as a young thing, to a therapy horse for handicap children and trail riding, to just riding to and from an arena and in fields.

Ashley is an easy keeper if she has grass to eat and maybe even another horse to keep her company. She has never worn shoes and just needs a simple trim once ever two – three months.

She comes with all the things you’ll need to get started. Everything has been kept in good condition:

A synthetic western saddle only two yrs. Top of the line.

Two saddle blankets well kept

Bridle w/bit

Two horse blankets;

One light weight

One winter blanket

A halter

A nearly new adjustable helmet

A lunging line in great condition.

Lunging whip in great condition

Washing tools

Tool box

Up to-date on vaccinations

Hoof picks

Curry comb

Hard brush

Main & tail comb

Salt block

Hay rack

Equine antiseptic spray

Hoof conditioner

Fly spray

Fly mask

and Tack room hangers

If you are interested please leave a comment on my blog with your e-mail and questions and I will reply via e-mail.

The Way to Heaven

I found this in a book called 'Golden Thoughts of Mother, Home, and Heaven' by Gene Fedele. I then went searching for where she got it from. I found that it was one of Jonathan Edwards sermons that was compiled in 'The Works of Jonathan Edwards' by Edward Hickman. I also found that was much longer then the version that Gene Fedele writes, but I decided it was too good, so I have given you the last part of Sermon 8. I hope you find it as much of an insight to God's saving grace and mercy as I did.

'How poor you are if you have no heaven but only this world. you have nothing but a little part of this clod of earth, and what is it all worth! If you have a little more land than some of your neighbors, or if you are in a way to make more money than others, if your accommodations are better than others, and you have more worldly conveniences and pleasures than others, or if you are promoted a little higher among men than some others are, what a poor portion is this, and how miserable are you who have no better happiness that you can call your own! How happy do these things make you? Are such things as these the "rivers of pleasure" that you choose for your portion? O how miserable! When a few days have passed you must go to the grave and into eternity, and then your glory shall not descend after you. Then how wretched are you, if when you are done with worldly enjoyments, it may be said that you have received your consolation! "But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation." Luke 6:24
To what misery are you exposed! You not only have no lot in this happiness and glory, but you are hanging over endless misery, and are in danger every day of being irrecoverably lost.
You have now an opportunity to obtain this blessedness. It is true that now you are exposed to this misery, but yet this glory is offered to you; the time is not past wherein the offer is made; you have yet an opportunity to be made happy for ever. The opportunity you now have to obtain the happiness of another world, is worth ten thousands of this world.
But here I would say something by way of direction in answer to this.

Inquiry. What must I be brought to in order to get to heaven?

Answer. 1. You must be brought entirely to renounce all hope of obtaining heaven by any thing that you can do by your own strength, -that you cannot do it either directly or indirectly. Many are sensible that they cannot get to heaven by their own strength directly, but yet they hope to do it indirectly, they hope by their own strength to bring themselves to a disposition to close with Christ, and accept of him for a Saviour; they are hoping to bring themselves to a compliance with the terms of salvation. You must be brought off from all confiding in your own strength; and you must also be brought to renounce your own righteousness as the price of heaven. The consideration of what has been said of the glory and happiness of the saints, may show us the exceeding folly of those that think to purchase so great happiness by their own righteousness. What a vain thought have men of their performances to think them a sufficient price to offer to God to purchase such glory of him! How would God dishonour himself, and dishonour such riches of his own goodness, if he should bestow them on men for their righteousness, and should accept their miserable performances as the price of them!

2. Your heart must be brought to close with him who has purchased heaven. Renouncing all other ways, your heart must entirely close with him, and adhere to him, as the way, the truth, and the life. Your heart must be drawn to him, and it must be pleasing and sweet to you to have heaven as a free gift, as the fruit of mercy and saving grace, and you must assuredly believe that Christ is a sufficient Saviour, and your soul must acquiesce in the way of salvation by him, by his blood and his righteousness, as a wise, holy, sufficient, and excellent way. Your heart must incline to Jesus Christ as a Saviour above your own righteousness and all other ways. Your delight must be in this holy way of salvation.

3. You must choose the God of heaven for your portion. You must be of the same temper and disposition with the Psalmist who says, Psalm 73:25 " Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none on the earth whom I desire beside Thee." You must esteem and relish the enjoyment of Him far above all other things. You must be brought to see that there is that in the enjoyment of God and communion with him that is far better than all the profits or pleasures of the world. It must be so with you, that if you could have your choice of all kinds of happiness you could devise, and you which you would, and in what degree you would, to all eternity, this would be what you would far prefer.

4. Your heart must be brought sincerely to close with the employments of heaven. In heaven they are not idle, but they are continually employed, and their employments are holy employments; they spend their time wholly in holy exercises ; in contemplating on God, in praising and serving Him. Rev. 22:3 "And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him." If ever you go to heaven, your heart must be brought beforehand to such a temper as freely to choose such employments, you must have a relish of them, and must account them excellent and delightful employments.

5. You must be pure in heart, and clean in hands. The pure in heart alone shall see God. Matt. 5:8. They that shall ascend into God's holy hill, are those that are of pure hearts and clean hands. Psalm 24:4. You must hate and abhor all sin, and allow none in your life. Sin must become to you a great burden. You must loathe yourself for it, and fight and strive against it, to purge yourself more and more from it; striving more and more to mortify sin, earnestly desiring and seeking to be more holy, more conformed to the will of God, and to walk more becoming a Christian.

6. You must be brought to sell all for heaven Matt. 13:44, 45, 46. Heaven must be to you like the treasure hid in a field; or like the pearl of great price. If you would have heaven, you must take it as your whole portion; you must in your heart part with all other things for it, and it must be your manner actually to part with them whenever they stand in the way of your getting forward towards heaven. If you would have heaven, you must sell your worldly profit and your credit, and the good will of your neighbours, and your worldly pleasures and conveniences, and whatever stands in your way. Many flatter themselves that they shall obtain heaven without this, and think they have a right to heaven, though they were never brought to this, but they are sure to find themselves disappointed.

7. You must never expect to go to heaven in any other than a strait and narrow way. Some expect to get to heaven who are not walking in a narrow way. The way they are walking in is a way of indulging their ease, and of shifting off the hard and difficult parts of religion. It is not the way of self-denial, and toil, and laboriousness, but they walk in a broad way, a way wherein they are not pinched, but can go on without labour, or watchfulness, or bearing the cross. But such as these, let their hopes be what they may, and their profession what it may, and their pretences to"experiences what they may, are not like to get to heaven. To some, the way that the Scripture has laid out is too narrow and-strait;" therefore they are endeavouring to get to heaven in a broad way ; but it is in vain for you to contrive this. If you can find out any way of getting to heaven that is not a strait and narrow way, it will be a way that you are the first inventor of. If you go thither, you must go in the way of the footsteps of the flock. If you would go to heaven, you must be content to go there in the way of self-denial and sufferings, you must be willing to take up the cross daily and follow Christ, and through much tribulation to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

8. This subject furnishes ground of solemn exhortation to the godly, to strive earnestly after holiness of life. What manner of persons ought you to be in all holy conversation and godliness, who have received such infinite mercy of God, and entertain such glorious hopes; seeing God has admitted you to such happiness, earnestly labour that you may walk in some measure answerably; seeing God has admitted you to the happiness of children, walk as children. Eph. 5:1 "Be ye therefore followers of God as dear children." imitate your heavenly Father; be ye holy, for He is holy. Seeing that you are admitted to the blessedness of disciples and friends of Jesus, walk as the friends of Christ, imitate your glorious Lord and Head. Here consider several things : particularly,

1. What great love God hath bestowed upon you in choosing you to such unspeakable blessedness before the foundation of the world. How wonderful was the lore ot God in giving his Son to purchase this blessedness for you, and how wonderful was the love of the Son of God in shedding his own blood to purchase such glory for you! How ought you therefore to live to God's glory! Let me therefore beseech, by those great mercies of God, that you give yourself up a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And be not slothful in business, but fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Give the utmost diligence that you may keep all the commandments of God: study that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God ; study that in all things you may be found approved : seeing God hath so loved you, strive earnestly that you may bring forth the fruits of the love of God ; and seeing Christ hath so loved you, see that you love one another; let love be without dissimulation; be ye kindly affectioned one with another with brotherly love; be of the same mind one towards another, in honour preferring one another; have fervent charity among yourselves. Seeing God hath mercy on you, be ye merciful as your Father which is in heaven is merciful. Look not everyone on his own things; be pitiful, be courteous; be ready to distribute, willing to communicate; be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another. Christ hath thus loved you while an enemy; therefore recompense to no man evil for evil but contrariwise blessing; do good to them that do evil to you. Such things as these become those that are the heirs of the glory that we have heard of.

2. Consider how much above the world that blessedness is which God has given ; how therefore ought you to live above the world. God has redeemed you out of the world, and therefore do not live as though you had your portion in this life. Live as pilgrims and strangers; as those that are not at home; as fellow-citizens with the saints and of the household of God. Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. How dishonourable will it be to you that God had so advanced and entitled you to such glory, to set your heart upon the dust of the earth; how you dishonour the grace of God in giving you such blessedness: and how will you dishonour the blessedness that God has given, no more to set your heart on it, and to set it so much on the world!

3. Consider what a vast difference has God made between you and other men, how vastly different is your relative state from theirs, how much more has God done for you than for them. Seek therefore those things which are above, where God is. Will it not be a shame if one that is entitled to such glory conducts no better than a child of the devil? Consider it seriously; and let it not be asked with reference to you, Matt. 5:47. What do ye more than others? Other men love those that love them ; other men do good to those that do good to them: walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called; and let it appear that you are of a spirit more excellent than your neighbour; manifest more love, and more meekness, and more humility, with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; walk worthy of the Lord to all pleasing, strengthened with all might according to his glorious power unto all patience and longsuffering. Put ye on as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, gentleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forbearing one another, forgiving one another; and let your light so shine before men, that they, seeing your good works, may glorify your Father who is in heaven. Seeing God has given you so much, God and men may well expect of you, that you should be greatly distinguished in your life from other men.'

Our Growing Garden!

This is our second garden in two years. Our garden this year did much better then last years' "garden". This year I thought it would be more cost effective if I started getting more heirloom varieties instead of the hybrids. This year I tied out Amish Paste (a Roma type tomato), Silvery Fir Tree ( a small slicing tomato), King of the North (a sweet pepper), and Tiger eye (dry beans). I had a lot of "left overs from previous years so I tried to get rid of some of them this last year. It didn't work very well, I still have about one years' supply of 4 different lettuces, 3 different types of carrots and other random assortments.

I did 15 3x3' boxes with a 3' walking area around each set of 5 boxes...

Yes, there's Curio now a year old! He was kick out of the garden for a while because of his love of pepper stems, onions, digging and other destructive pass times.

Dad came up with this really great idea for the peppers and tomato plants. We built these 3' high structures with the top and two sides covered in heave duty plastic. We also had a wooden pole in the center to keep the roof up and water flowing a way from the planter.
It work wonders!

Below is my late last minute idea of planting a cucumber plant in early June. It grew really well and gave me over ten cucumbers. Below is my King of the North peppers. They grew wonderfully. I dried most of them and cooked with the rest. I had a few finally turned red inside after I picked them. Which is more then I ever got in years before.

This year I planted 'Black-seeded Simpson and was very pleased with it! It isn't a heirloom, but it did work very well.
Above is my Silvery Fir Tree tomato. They didn't seem to like being in pots on the porch so next year I think I'll have them in the garden with the others. They do have very beautiful foliage though!

To the left and below is my Amish Paste tomatoes they grew like weeds! I kept trimming them back but they kept growing! Some of the tomatoes weighed 1 pound! The plants themselves reached well over 5 feet high.

With out the Lord's mercy and grace we wouldn't have had any of this bounty!

"Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing." Psalm 107:21-22