A Story Of Old

A Story of Old
By Leanne C. Bryan

The King of kings came down,
He who ruled over all,
Creator of creature great and small,
Coming down from heaven above,
From God to child He changed,
Born of a virgin; sinners to be saved,

The Shepard of shepherds He is,
To the cross He must go,
Fulfilling the prophecies
First he must be brought low,
On that rugged cross he died,
Saving sinners like you and I,
The third day He arose,
Bringing joy, peace and repose.

To all who trust in Him alone
Giving them the right of heaven to go,
A home to make to heaven He went,
Till our time on earth is spent,
Bringing our children up in His ways,
For Godly men and women to be,
Taking the stand against tyranny,
Walking the straight and narrow
With Christ as their guide
They’ll stand against the worlds crushing tide.

As the shepherd guards his sheep
In this poem you did see,
The hardships and trials of Christ,
For He was brought low for us to meet,
Our Friend and Protector,
Our King and Sustainer.

This poem has no end,
The Story of old
Will forever be told,
Until His return,
When we are called home.

Government As It Should Be Part II

Here are more quotes about government and its laws. I hope this series will be a help to you in understanding “how things should work” in the government and our laws.
We have a duty to our God, our Family and our Country. For surly we must uphold the standards given to us by God. Teaching them to our children and displaying them in the ways we run our Country.
Stand up for your rights, and as a nation turn to the only One that can change anything, our Creator and Sustainer, Jesus Christ. With Him all things are possible!
Here are a few more quotes from: The Government Class book. As well as a book entitled - One Nation under man? By Brannon Howse.
In there I found a quote made by John Adams:

“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If ‘Thou shalt not covet,’ and ‘Thou shalt not steal,’ were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society, before it can be civilized or made free.”
That is so true! We must as Christians remember that if we want to be “civilized” and be a free nation we must go back to the basics. Rekindling God’s commandments and statutes in our families, our society, and our government. We may say we are a civilized country with all our technology and our government. But the reality is we have sunk far from the true meaning of “civilized”. With our abortions on demand, letting perverts off the hook, movie stars and government officials get off with a slap on the hand, women in places of authority above men, assisted suicide, and pornography put in ever possible place to be seen, (such as movies, malls, books, magazines, etc.). Civilized? I don’t think so. We are encouraging the very things God condemns by not enforcing our rights as citizens of America.
Here is what one of our founding fathers wrote about the Biblical principles of the American Government, Noah Webster:
“It is extremely important to our nation, in a political as well as religious view, that all possible authority and influence should be given to the Scriptures: for these furnish the best principles of civil liberty, and the most effectual support of republican government. They teach the true principles of that equality of rights which belongs to every one of the human family, but only in consistency with a strict subordination to the magistrate and the law.
Some may be amazed when reading this. Yes, our Government is based on the Bible. Yes, most of our founding fathers were Godly men. Did you know that out of the 55 men who signed the Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America (also called The Declaration of Independence);
28 – Episcopalians
8 – Presbyterians
7 – Congregationalists
2 – Dutch Reform
2 – Lutherans
2 – Methodists
2 – Roman Catholics
1 – unknown (but buried in an Episcopal graveyard)
3 – Unorthodox (1)

If you have grown up in government run schools I can’t say I’m surprised that you have never heard any thing like this before. Christian principles have been taken out of every public school. (2) The Godly men who started this country, their lives and their writings have been horribly butchered or taken out of context.
In Proverbs chapter 3 Solomon talks about how the man who fears the Lord gains strength, fruitful soil, and long life:
“Let not mercy and truth for sake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart, and so find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones. Proverbs 3:3-8
I do believe that God blessed the prayers of those men in 1773 as well as latter when they wrote the Constitution. Just reading Proverbs 3 proves it. Those men gave their lives for this Country. By signing that document they sacrificed their very freedom for our liberty!
Here is more from Government Class-book:
I know you're going to get annoyed with me for skipping around like this, but there is so much information and so little time in which to convey it to you.
Back in chapter one:
Law – The rules for regulation the social actions of men are called laws. Law, in a general sense, is a rule of action, and is applied to all kinds of action: as, the law of gravitation, the laws of chemistry, etc. But in a limited sense, it denotes the rules of human action prescribing what men are to do, and forbidding what they are not to do.
Now at this point you might be a bit standoffish. Forbidding and rules are formidable words. The truth is that we, being sinful humans and thus we are rebellious to any form of restriction to our “liberties” as we call them. I know I had to recheck my reaction to this part in the book. Regulations, restrictions and forbidding are major “skip the section” words. But that is the basic reason laws are made, to keep people safe.
Man a Moral Being We have seen that man is fitted for law, because he is designed for society, and law is necessary to govern society. But by nature, also, he is fitted for government and law, because he is a moral being. The word moral has various significations. When we say, a moral man, we mean a virtuous or upright man. But in a wider sense it relates to the social actions of men, both right and wrong, as when we say, his morals are good, or his morals are bad. When it is said that man is a moral being, it is meant that he has a sense of right and wrong, or at least the power of acquiring it. He knows what is right and what is wrong, and he knows that he ought to do the right and avoid the wrong. Therefore he is fitted to understand why laws are right.
Well I have run out of time as usual. But I hope I left you with a few thoughts and maybe some research to do. I will have part III ready by next year! (I hope)

1. This information was learned from Vision Forum’s amazing DVD set called “Introduction to Christianity, Law, and Culture” set #1 Disc #3 Christianity & the Constitution: Part 1 By Dr. John Eidsmoe

2. (Check out wallbuilders.com to find out more on that subject.)

Merry Christmas!

By Edgar A. Geust

No doubt they thought in Bethlehem
The world would never hear of them,
They had an inn where sometimes stayed
The wondering caravans of trade,
And near it was a stable kept
Wherein at night the cattle slept;
But last to splendor and renown,
Theirs was alittle wayside town.

On night a man and woman worn
Asked to be sheltered till the morn.
The keeper of the inn replied:
"My ecery room is occupied.

There is no space that I can spare."
The man said: "We must rest somewhere,
What of the stable, yonder, sir?
Ther I can make a bed for her."

"Yes," said the keeper, "go ahead!
Tos down some straw and make a bed."
No doubt he was surprosed at morn
To hear a baby had been born,
And shepherds wandering from afar,
Guided to Bethlehem by a star,
Had come the little child to see,
As if important He could be.

The caravans of trade moved on,
The grat officials soon were gone.
Nor did it once occour to them
That fame had come to Bethlehem.
The poor innkeeper never knew
He should be long remembered, too,
Because on that first Christmas morn
'Twas in his stable Christ was born.

Government as it should be - Part I

I am going to give you some quotes through out the next 11 months. My hope is to give you an idea of how far we as a country have turn away from our Christian Heritage.
Today I’m going to give a few clippings from a very old book called;

The Government Class Book – A Youth’s Manual of Instruction in the Principles of Constitutional Government and Law. (Copy right 1884)
The first chapter starts off like this…
‘Principles of Government and Law. Part 1. Principles of Government. Division 1. General Principles. Chapter 1. Mankind fitted for society, Government, and Law.’
What a mouth full! And that’s just the title of the first chapter. Here are a few points that are defined through out the chapter…
‘Each Must Support Himself. – But, although men need the assistance of each other, society is so formed that each must have the care of himself. If every man were fed and clothed from a common store, provided by the labor of all, many, depending upon the labor of others, would be less industrious than they now are. By the present arrangement, which obliges every man to provide for his own wants, more is produced, a greater number are cared for, and the general welfare is better promoted than would be done if each labored for the benefit of all.
‘Right of Property. – From this arrangement comes the right of property. If each man’s earnings should go into a common stock for the use of all, there would be nothing that any one could call his own. But if each is to provide for himself, he must have a right to use and enjoy the fruits of his own labor.’

I just have to cut in for a moment to comment on the absence of this in our government now and our “modern” society. I always hear of people saying that we should tax the rich more. Property is easily taken away from its owners. Parts of it banded from the owner ever using because of its wildlife habitation. What right does the government or groups have to tell us how to use our land or property? I think we have failed as the citizens of America when things have come to this. But I don’t think that it is hopeless. Not if we pray for God’s help. He has always been able to fix even the hardest problems.
‘Common to All – But all men in society have the same rights. Therefore we cannot rightfully supply our own wants or gratify our own desires any further than is consistent with the rights of others. But man is by nature selfish, and many would infringe the right of others, for their own selfish ends, unless restrained. Hence we see the necessity of some fixed rules that each one may know what he may do; and what he must not do.’
I'll skip to the next chapter entitled:
‘Rights, Liberty, and Law, Classified.
Rights. – A right is a just claim. We have a right to what we have acquired by honest labor, or other lawful means, because we are justly entitled to freely use and enjoy it. We have a right to our lives, and to our freedom, that is to do what ever we think necessary for our own safety and happiness, provided we do not trespass upon the rights of others, because it would be unjust to deprive us of our lives or freedom.
More interesting insights on Our laws and government within the next two weeks.