Meet A New Member Of Our Family

This is Sherlock our new puppy!

The story of how we got him might seem a bit crazy but after all you are talking about the Bryan family!
The story begins with Patches's death in December. After that our other dog Samuel has been very lonely. So in January we started looking for a dog to keep him company. After a month of looking (half heartedly at times) mom found a pup of about 10 months old. He is half Whippet and half Australian Shepherd. Kind of an odd combination I know but we fell in love with his photo and his price... free!
Then we looked at where he lived, Goldendale, WA. Where? Well, we where wondering the same thing. So we googled it and found out that it was in Eastern Washington almost to the Colombia River. About a good 4 hour drive for us! Now at this point you would think, "oh, well" and start looking else where. After all there's lots of puppies out there!
Well, we did find two other dogs that were in our area but one owner didn't answer and the other was going to get back to us later that day. So mom called the person in Goldendale to see if the puppy was still available. He was and all the arrangements to pick him up the next day were set.
We were all excited and called dad at work. The planning and packing for the following days trip.

We made a few bathroom brakes on the way back...
Samuel and Sherlock are getting along fine but Sam just doesn't know how to play.
Not more then a half hour after we told dad about the new dog the phone rings. It's the gal calling us back about her dog, a cute two year old purebred Border Collie and guess what? She was also free. So after a long talk in which she told my mom how little time she has had to spend with the dog and the small yard she was in, she asked my mom how much room we had. "We have 5 acres." Well an enthusiastic "really!!" was heard over the line and we were hooked.

So tomorrow we go to pick up our third dog. The Border Collie is a girl and will need to be fixed but right now we just need to figure out where we are going to keep all these dogs!
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into a "normal" week in the Bryan Family. Nothing ever seems to get dull around here.
I hope to post pictures of our third dog soon!

A Forgotten Word - It's Meaning

So what is vampyrarchy? All of you had some very interesting answers and not that far off.

Here is the definition...

"Derisive description from the 1820s for a parasitic group of politicians."

That's right even back in the early 1800s they had names for money "sucking" politician!
King Solomon said it well when he said, "nothing is new under the sun." (Ecclesiates)
I hope to have some other long forgotten words for you in the near future so stay tune!

A Forgotten Word

Can you tell me what this word means or what you think it means? I have but one rule, no researching! That includes the internet!
I'll give you all until February 10th to think up some hopefully interesting ideas!

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