Here is a quote or two that might interest you.

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” - Ronald Reagan –

Sir Philip Sidney said on his death bed on October 17th 1586, “…But, above all things, govern your will and affections by the will and word of your Creator; in me beholding the end of this world with all her vanities.”

The Result of Legal Plunder

This is from a book I am reading called "The Law" By Frederic Bastiat

He was a Frenchman in 1840's/50's. Some of what he says sounds a lot like problems we have in America today. Here is a part of the book that is quite eye-opening.

The Results of Legal Plunder / Frederic Bastiat (The Law)

‘It is impossible to introduce into society a greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.
What are the consequences of such a perversion? I would require volumes to describe them all. Thus we must content ourselves with pointing out the most striking.
In the first place, it erases from everyone’s conscience the distinction between justice and injustice.
No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable. When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense of losing his respect for the law. These two evils are of equal consequence, and it would be difficult for a person to choose between them.
The nature of law is to maintain justice. This is so much the case that, in the minds of the people, law and justice are one and the same thing. There is in all of us a strong disposition to believe that anything lawful is also legitimate. This belief is so widespread that many persons have erroneously held that things are “just” because law makes them so. Thus, in order to make plunder appear just and sacred to many consciences, it is only necessary for the law to decree and sanction it. Slavery, restrictions, and monopoly find defenders not only among those who profit from them but also among those who suffer from them.’

Thai Chicken Salad

Servings: 8 or 2 hungry guys

1 jar Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing (Marie Calendar’s)
2 cloves of garlic
1 1-inch piece fresh ginger root (no more!)

1 pkg. (6oz.) fresh baby spinach leaves
1 pkg. (12oz.) broccoli slaw mix
1 medium cucumber
1 sm. Red bell pepper

Chicken Mixture
1 lb. Skinless boneless chicken breast halves
½ fresh basil leaves
½ cup peanuts

Mix dressing and use garlic-press for garlic and ginger. Then mix together salad ingredients in a large bowl and refrigerate.
For chicken mixture, cut chicken in strips and stir-fry over medium-high heat. When chicken is no longer pink remove from heat and add basil, peanuts, and ½ cup of dressing to coat. Let sit in refrigerator for 15-30 min. for best flavor.
To serve: Toss salad with remaining dressing and chicken mixture. Serve immediately or chilled first in refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. Serve with some spinach bread or sourdough with butter.

Please send me any recipes that your family enjoys! Just post it in my comment box!

The Reply To Gray's Elegy

Before you read this I wanted to explain who this man was. He was a teacher who discovered a why to teach geography to children by doing rhymes and poetry.
We have been researching our heritage from Ireland to peasant-day and through that research we found Needham Bryan Cobb. Not long after we found a book that he had writen on the geology of North Carolina! At the end of which contained a few poems of his Christian faith! I hope you enjoy this one.
Reply To Gray’s Elegy

By Needham Bryan Cobb
Shelby, N.C., August 29, 1871

The Unseen Rose – The Hidden Gem

Thoughts suggested by reading the following lines in “Gray’s Elegy in a Country Churchyard:”

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark unfathomed caves of the ocean bear,
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

No Flower on earth “is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air,”
No ocean “gem of purest ray serene”
Is planted in the deep to perish there.

The eye of Man may ne’er behold that gem
“The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear,”
His keenest sense ne’er note the sweet perfume
That rose distills upon the desert air.

Still not one sparkle of that gem is lost;
And not one breath of fragrance from the rose,
For round about them are a countless host
Who in their splendor revel or repose.

Those “dark unfathomed caves” of ocean’s deep
Are not so dark as poets sometimes write;
There myriads, moving, mingling monsters creep,
And doubtless to them all that gem is bright.

With the caverns of the grains of sand
That lie around that desert rose’s feet,
A thousand living things, fed by God’s hand,
Find joyous homes. To them that rose is sweet.

But still, if not a creature wandered where
That rose is blooming, or that gem is laid,
The great Creator, God, who placed them there,
Would take delight in works His hands have made.

Think not thy worth and work are all unknown,
Because no partial penman paint thy praise.
Man my not see nor mind; but God will own
Thy worth and work, thy thoughts and words and ways.

The desert rose, though never seen by man,
Is nurtured with a care divinely good.
The ocean gem, though ‘neath the rolling main,
Is ever brilliant in the eyes of God.

Our New House!

These are pictures of our new house in Port Orchard. They were all taken before we got any furnishings in it. I don't have photos of all the rooms yet, maybe later.
I hope to post some projects that we have been working on through out the house at a later date.

This is looking toward the house from the road.

Here is the field Ashley (my horse) is in. This is looking from my bedroom window.

Here is the house from the driveway.

As you can see it is raining. It always rains here. We are now convinced that the Ark didn't land on Mt. Ararat, but in Port Orchard and our house is built on top of it.

This is the back of the house. As you can see we live on a hill.

This is the "back" door, but we use it as the front. On the right, out of sight is the dog house. This is not one of your little one room dog houses. No, this is one of a kind two bedroom dog house! Complete with two dog beds and rubber mats!
Here is our kitchen, laundry room, and main thoroughfare from "front" door, to upstairs, and to the basement. Basically name almost any place in the house and you have to go through the kitchen to get there.

We have one bathroom. With 4 people its a challenge! Life never gets dull in this family!

14 steps to the top built like a ladder at a 45 degree angle!

All the bed rooms are upstairs. The rooms are cozy. In the Summer we hope to paint the rooms.

Here's the office, well part of it. It's in a shape of a "U" because the stairs go right through the middle of it.
Poor dad is kicked out of the bedroom and has to have all his clothes and shoes in the office closet. He says, "its just like when we were first married. Your mom had the bedroom closet and I had the hall closet. Share and share alike."

What could be behind this piece of wood? ...

Yes, a cupboard, but this room is so small that the cupboard is the only place where I can fit my dresser. So out with the cupboard and in with the dresser. After we fix the leaking roof.

Yes, thanks to the Langfords, we got our first (of several) loads moved in. It was a scary first night. Sleeping on the floor with the knowledge of spiders everywhere was not the most enjoyable thing. Vacuuming was my favorite past time!!

Ah, the basement! Yes, there are even less steps to the basement then there were to upstairs. 11 in all TRY not to fall.
The house was built in the 1920's - 1930's so it has a good excuse.

On the left side is the door way to the stairs and the pantry. The wall and the stairs are the only things separating the room from being a box.

This is the main part of the basement. You will never see a photo of what it looks like right now! As soon as we get a garage built the basement should be pretty-much cleared out. Then we can get that fixed up.

On the other side of the left wall is the stairs and pantry. On the right side is where the door leads to the outside.
So now you've seen almost all of it. Maybe later I'll have more.

Repainting our bathroom!

Yes, we have repainted our bathroom. Sorry it took me so long to post it.

Here is the prep work...

Then the painting begins!

Then the finishing touches...

Here is the finished project!