Making Our New House A Home...

God had a surprise for my family this year. As we approached 2016 with my brother and his wife expecting their first little one in March and dad working in Poulsbo. We thought we had part of the year pretty well thought out. I started figuring out what to have in the garden, mom wanted to get some spring cleaning done, grandma had her schedule, and dad really wanted to find a different job.

Then mom found a possible job for dad and sent in a resume. Now for the past 30 odd years dad has looked off and on for a county or city job in his field, Parks and Administration. Yet he's never even gotten an interview. Well this time was different. Mom sent in the resume and within two days dad got an e-mail asking if he could come for an interview the following Friday (01/29). So they were off to Skagit county 2.5 hours north. After the interview dad called to let me know they were heading home and the interview seemed to have gone well. It must have been great, because not 2 hours after the interview they called and gave dad the job! That was a bit of a shock for us all! 

So looking for houses commenced... in the midst of this new insanity in the Bryan household we had the first grandbaby on the way and dad started his new job the 1st of March! Half way through February we finally found a house and it was only 10 minutes from dad's work!

Well the baby decided not to come until we were in the last week of packing and moving to Skagit county of course.  
  We got the call that Heidi was on the way just after we pulled into our driveway after taking a trip to Portland, OR for a murphy bed unit for the new house. 
She arrived that night safe and sound April 3rd. Heidi Lynne Bryan
Then after that excitement came the big move 6 days later!...

 You don't realize how much you really have until you start packing and then when you get to your new home you have to rethink how things will fit. With us downsizing from a 2.5 acre farm to a large city lot it was hard to figure out how to fit all of our stuff into one garage! It was great having so much help that day!

As we slowly get things unpacked we start to see it become a home.

And after I got my room decorated, dad comes back one day with this little sign from Hobby Lobby for me...

Then not to be out done Matt and Rebekah decide to do the fastest move ever. A good friend of Matt got him a job working concrete, the only thing is it's in Lynden, WA and they lived in Sumner, WA. So another move was in order. They had two and half weeks from finding out Matt got the job, finding a new house, to packing everything up and moving! Just a bit crazy with a 5 month old but they did it!
Now they live much closer and Heidi and I can now have our coffee outings!