About Myself


      I am a young Christian woman of 27 years and the eldest of two. My brother and I have been homeschooled our entire lives and we have never regretted our parents choice to homeschool us. 
       I enjoy many things from making jewelry to working in our ever growing garden. From dressing up in time period costumes and dancing to taking care of the house and playing with the animals. I love researching and studying history, God's creation, Reading and studying the Bible, sewing, quilting, and helping out where I can

In the last couple of years much changed in our family's lives. My younger brother started a courtship in May of 2014. That same year my Grandma June came to live with us and my Dad lost his job. Then by the end of December my brother proposed. They were married in March of 2015, Dad got a new job, and now we all are awaiting for their little girl to be born!

Never a quiet moment for our family!
 So read, post comments (I'd love to hear your thoughts), and enjoy my Opportunity to share with you what the Lord has been doing and showing me through the years.