My First Time at the Birth of a Calf

~ Warning ~ 
If you are one with a weak stomach or dislike anything having to do with blood, birthing,  animals, farm life, etc. 
Please Do Not Read Further. 

"Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind”; and it was so. And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good."
~ Genesis 1:24-25 ~

Earlier this year in April I was able to be at a calving for the first time. The Cow's name was Jasmine and the adorable little calf was named Abu of course. :) 

I was able to wipe down Abu and take him over to his mother for a though licking. So much fun! I hope to have one or two some day if I ever get a farm! 

Widow's Estate Sale

Come One, Come All! to an estate sale to benefit Evelyn Raymond and her son Blake. The Raymond's husband/father died quite suddenly in February of this year and we would love for you to join us in blessing them with an Estate Sale to help raise funds that will assist them through the winter.

From 7:30 am - 8:30 am People can bring items to donate. 

The Estate Sale will start at 9 am - 4 pm
**Please do not park in designated Post Office parking areas**

Please spread the word! Free coffee and hot chocolate, holiday music, and of course lots of stuff to buy! Come and bless the Raymond Family with a purchase or two or three!

Books, toys, games, furniture, clothing, DVD's, household goods, decorations, crafts, tools, etc. Plus all the unusual, the unique, and the hard to find type of items you could imagine!
A raffle will be held as well! 
A fantastic time to buy for Christmas as well as bless others in the process. 

Any question just call Purdy Fellowship @ (360) 871-3279

A New Documentary Coming Soon!

Colin Gunn is creating a new documentary about the Modern Healthcare and how Obamacare is changing it. The question is, is it for the better or for the worst?

Please watch the trailer, leave a comment, and visit KickStarter  to help donate to the completion of this eye opening documentary - Wait Till It's Free!
We only have 12 days left to reach $25,000. They must reach that amount before November 30th to keep the money for the use of the documentary. So please pass this along and help support this godly endeavor!

Remembering to Give Thanks To The Creator

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving.
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.”

~ Psalm 100:4-5 ~
Therefore by Him let us continually offer
the sacrifice of praise to God,
that is, the fruit of our lips,
giving thanks to His name.
But do not forget to do good and to share,
for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”
~ Hebrews 13:15-16 ~
The Lord is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation;
He is my God, and I will praise Him;
My father's God, and I will exalt Him.”
~ Exodus 15:2 ~

Homemade Sugar & Dairy Free Chocolate

As Autumn arrives our minds and taste buds turn to the crisp air, the smell of apples being made into sauce and pies, and of course dangerous comfort foods like chocolate.
Now some of you may not be a seasonal chocolate fan and others maybe chocolate purists. I'm hoping to help those who'd like to stay healthy and still not give up on their chocolate desserts or snacks as the case maybe...

 I like chocolate, but prefer dark to all else. This recipe is out of a book called 'Trim and Healthy Mama'. They use a lot of stevia and truvia sweetener in their recipes. I have found that the truvia is best to use in this kind of recipe. It's also more forgiving in that it's about 1/2 tsp. to 1-1/2 tsp. of sugar. It doesn't have a bad flavor or after taste like most alternative sweeteners do. You have to watch how much you use or you will have a problem. If you've used stevia before and didn't like it I'd suggest trying out Nu-natural's stevia. It does have bad after taste if you use too much in a drink or recipe and is a bit difficult to work with at first. I use truvia all the time which is from the stevia plant and is better then xylitol which seems to give some people bad digestive problems.

~ Homemade Sugar & Dairy free Chocolate ~

1/4 c. Cocoa Powder (don't use dutch processed)
1/2 c. Coconut Oil
3-4 Tsp. Truvia (to taste)

1 ~ Melt Coconut Oil in small sauce pan on medium heat
2 ~ Whisk in Cocoa Powder
3 ~ Grind truvia in coffee grinder until powder then add to Cocoa mixture and remove from heat.
4 ~ Let cool for a few minuets.
5 ~ Use a jelly pan or cake pan cover with wax paper.
6 ~ Pour chocolate into pan and place in the freezer.
7 ~ Once hardened break up and put into a zip lock.

A Espresso variation - Grind up some coffee beans until powder and add to coconut oil in the saucepan. It takes about 1 to 1-1/2 Tablespoons.


Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding

This pudding is one that would taste amazing with raspberry sauce and some chopped nuts on top.

It's really quick and easy to make and is dairy free, gluten free, and very in low sugar. This is from the website ~ The Nourishing Gourmet

~ Chocolate Pudding ~

1/3 c. Arrowroot Power or Cornstarch
1/3 c. Cocoa Powder
dash of salt
1/3-2/3 c. agave syrup, maple sugar, or honey to taste ( I use less when using agave. You can play around with using Truvia which requires a scant 1/4 c.)
4 c. Coconut Milk ( you can also use other dairy or dairy free milks that you like)
1 tsp. Vanilla extract

1 ~ In a large size sauce (2.5 - 3 qt) pan whisk together the arrowroot, cocoa powder, and salt. Make sure there is no lumps.

2 ~ Add 1 cup of milk and sweetener and mix until thoroughly mixed with no clumps.
Stir in the rest of the milk and heat on medium heat, stirring continuously. Heat until the mixture until it starts to thicken. Simmer for no longer than one minute.

3 ~ Take it off the heat and add in the vanilla. Pour into desired containers and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours to cool and set. after it is cooled cover with plastic wrap.

A Mocha variety - Replace 1 c. milk for strong coffee. Add about 1-2 Tablespoons of very finely ground coffee beans to the dry mixture.