Creating a hope chest...

     Creating a hope chest is not that hard to do. It's exciting to look for things that you know you'll need when your married, such as, serving dishes, books, cooking utensils, furniture, table cloths, etc. Or maybe you would like to have a certain theme in your future home and you want to collect things to fit that theme.

      In this day and age we women have lost the desire to be wives and mothers. To look forward and plan for a future home and new responsibilities. We look at that role as a secondary plan, an after collage plan, or not even a goal. Yet, who are we to tell God when we will or will not be marry or what we should be or not be? He has everything planed out for our lives and as women our biblical role is to support our fathers and brothers (when we're not married) and if God so blesses, to support a husband someday. We're use to that fast pass "All I care about is now" attitude. Yet, in the "old days" (grandparents or for some great-grand parents time) when women were raise with the goal of  being a wives and mothers someday. 
They worked on creating a hope chest, such as; baby cloths, quilts, pillows, dishes, etc.
     So I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things I've been collecting over the years for my future home. Maybe this will encourage you ladies out there to start your own hope chest. You don't need to have actual wooden chest, you can put things in a plastic storage container(s) or in a closet. 

Be creative!  

        When I turned 19 my mom and I went to a nearby flee market for a girls day out. When we were there I fell in love with a set of dishes. Now I never looked at dishes as something to buy before but that set was a keeper! Then I found a hutch. It had leaded stain glass windows and was beautiful! Mom said I could get it, so we put it on layaway. That day was the start of my hope chest or in this case hope hutch.

My "hope chest" is now overflowing with all sorts china and serving wear.
This is the set that I found at the flee market. It's from Pfaltzgraff called Naturewood.
Since then I have collected bits pieces at Goodwill, antique shops, and flea markets.  
Wedgwood is hard and expensive to find.
This was a unique find at a Goodwill that my mom found for only (drum roll please) .99 cents!
Another find from my mom (not Wedgwood) but very cute. 
What designs or patterns would you like to have in your future home? 
I enjoy the old Winne-the-Pooh and Beatrix Potter stories, so I thought I'd decorate my nursery with Beatrix Potter and Winnie-the-Pooh stuff.

This Christmas my brother, Mom, and Dad refurbished Mom's old hope chest for me to use.
This is the most unique thing I think I own. My mom found it last year for my birthday. If anyone can figure out what the third glass shaker is for please let me know! 
You can collect china to add that delicate feminine touch to your future home...
Or something fun, yet practical...
Maybe you like more of a country style...
Another thing I've collected a bit of is stoneware. I really like baking bread and muffins in it, so when I was able I would buy some here and there. Sometimes I even found some at flea markets!
I find that we always need a plater to put things on and when it is decorative it  adds to the table.
Serving dishes are nice to have when you have friends or  family over. 
If you enjoy sewing, knitting, or crochet, why not make quilts, pillow cases, hand made pot holders, or baby cloths? 
I also like to collect old books. My Mom bought many old books through year, many of which  my brother and I have enjoyed!  

You can also collect  informational books that you would like to use for when you have children. I have been slowly getting good poetry books, good cookbooks, history books, biographies, good fiction books, etc. for when I have children and start homeschooling them.
What about good children book that you enjoyed when a child?  It's amazing what comes to mind when you start brainstorming!  

Maybe you have fond memories of playing dress-up with you siblings. Why not collect some dresses, hats, gloves, and so on for your own children to play with some day?
Or maybe not that long ago....
Get inventive!
Another thought to pass on to you young ladies, 'what would be something that you could have that would bless your future husband?' It could be collecting things that would make the  dinning room table decorative at dinner time. Or maybe it's not items but skills, such as knowing how to do finances and bookkeeping.  

What ideas do you have? Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions.  I'd love to hear them. 


  1. Dena Armijo1/27/2011

    I love this post! Wow, you have a full-blown china closet, that's so cool. Me and my mother have been discussing starting a hope chest for me soon. (She started one when she was young and still has it) I really like the idea of having books in there for your kids. We have a lot of unused curriculum and good homeschool resource books that I would like to put in my hope chest to keep for my kids.

    An interest of mine lately has been about camping and hunting and other outdoor type stuff, so for a hope chest I could put in a dutch oven for the campfire, warm gloves and socks, a Winchester 70 (just kidding).

    I'm so glad that you and other girls are sticking up for being godly wives and moms these days. Some Christian girls I know are only concerned about a career. And if they do think about kids, it's limited to what their names will be and what sports they will do - not the importance of discipling them as the next generation of Christians. Your posts about femininity always bring me great encouragement =)

    I've written to much, but I hope to see you at the conference!

  2. I'm glad you liked the post! Camping sounds like another good idea! I need to go to the range again. I went last year on my brother's birthday, but not since then.

    I always want my blog to be an encouragement to people. I'm glad your enjoying it.

    That's great that you have some curriculum and homeschool resource books! I have a few but I think I'll be taking some of the books mom has with me when I get married. So that saves on money as well.

    Long comments are always aloud!
    Look forward to seeing you there!
    God Bless!

  3. You have some great ideas! Here are some others:

    -hangers (maybe the satiny baby ones, or you can crochet around the wire ones, to make them look nice...)
    -special toys (from when you were younger) or decorations that you would like to decorate your future house with

  4. I love this post Leanne!!
    We girls have been collecting various things for our future homes for quite a while now. :)
    I think it's good to have a 'library' of books to use for homeschooling someday, biographies, autobiographies, history books etc.
    I have fond memories of studying history by reading these kinds of books instead of using dull textbooks all the time! (We used them as reference.) Anyway, your picture of old books reminded me of this. :)
    Ana has a cake stand just like yours, except hers is a creamy color. =)

  5. I don't have a hope chest, hutch, or anything like that. I just keep my stuff in an empty room in the house next to us. I have ocean themed decorations for a bathroom, a common theme for bathrooms I know, but I LOVE the beach! I also have assorted pots and pans, some hot pads, crocheted hangers, and some tea cups and china plates (expensive china from England that I got for free!). I love your hope chest! Now I want one like that... :)


  6. Great post Leanne, why is it that we have talk "so much" but you have never told me half of these ideas you have here. I really like the idea of making baby clothes, my grandma did that for Seania when she was a baby and we still have that so it would be cool to make some thing pretty to save and us for each child, or one for boys and one for girls would be better. I will have to think on that more, and maybe work on learning sewing better as I am not very good right now......a blueish dress comes to mind when I think about that.
    Talk to you soon.