A Parody of Our Modern Church Service...

      My mom found this video that I think shows a very accurate, yet disconcerting view of many churches in the States and Canada.
      No longer do we sing songs of praise and adoration with meaning to our Savior. No longer do we hear sound biblical doctrine preached from the pulpit. Our focus is no longer on what is being said and if it is consistent with the Bible, but rather we look at how fun and lively the music is or how engaging the preacher maybe. Not to mention the Sunday schools and youth groups. As long as our children might be enjoying them we don't seem to mind how little learning they're getting vs. play time. Does the pastor teach on the meat of the Word? Or does he continually talk about how "Christ loves everyone" and gives a very warm and cuddly evangelistic speech that has everyone in tears? Is the Christian church really growing stronger in Christ? Or are we making Christ a mockery by allowing watered down preaching in our churches? Producing young adults that are still babes in the Lord even at the age of 18 and 20 because they did more "fun" stuff then real study of their Bibles when in youth group and Sunday school. Could we give a confident answer on the doctrine of salvation or have conversations on biblical topics? How often do you hear young adults talk about the Bible? How often do you and your friends talk about God and His word? 
      Watch this little skit and let me know what you think: