The Effects of Listening to 'In Freedom's Cause'

If you have never listened to this amazing rendition of In Freedom's Cause you really should. They have done an amazing job with their productions so far. Here is a video we made for a contest they put together. Please vote for our video at the link below! The voting ends on August 7th, 2015. I hope you all enjoy it. We had fun putting it together.

If you want to check out In Freedom's Cause or other audio dramas that Heirloom audio has put together click HERE to check them out. With Lee in Virginia is the newest one and I hear that they will be doing The Dragon and The Raven next.... I know I can't wait to hear them! Let me know what you think of our little video and maybe if you've listened to some of their dramas you could share what you thought of them!

The Effects of Listening to "In Freedom's Cause" by Leanne Bryan