Another Interesting Book...

I found a book that's so interesting, thought provoking, and well written that I wonder it hasn't been republished in recent years. Here's the opening paragraph... 

"There is neither Jew nor Greek; there is neither bond nor free; there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." 
~ Galatians 3:28 ~
"Woman was the finishing grace of creation. Woman was the completeness of man's bliss in Paradise. Woman was the cause of sin and death to our world. Woman was the means of our redemption. Woman is the mother of the human race; our companion, counselor, and comforter in the pilgrimage of life; or our tempter, our scourge, and our destroyer. Our sweetest cup of earthly happiness, or our bitterest draught of sorrow, is mixed and administered by her hand. She not only renders smooth or rough our path to the grave, but helps or hinders our progress to immortality. In heaven we shall bless God for her aid in assisting us to reach that blissful state, or amid the torments of unutterable woe in another region, we shall deplore the fatality of her influence."

God's Work On The Human Soul...

Many today in the Christian Church have fallen into the world's destructive and distorted view of Easter or Resurrection Sunday. People look at little pastel colored candies, egg hunts, and cute little bunnies and chicks instead of the history of the amazing grace of God. From Christ's birth on earth to His ministry on earth, then His humiliating death on the cross, resurrection from the dead, and then Christ's ascension to heaven!
What could be more amazing and wonderful than that?
God incarnate - The One who created the earth became a human, Mortal just to suffer and die for our sins! 
How wondrous is His love for us that He'd died so we should live! And not only that but that He arose victorious from the grave! Hallelujah! 

Christ is Risen! 

 The Condescending Grace of Christ
Matt. 20:28
By Phillip Doddridge

'Saviour of men, and Lord of love,
How sweet thy gracious name!
With joy that errand we review
On which thy mercy came.

While all thy own angelic bans
Soot waiting on the wing,
Charm'd with the honour to obey
Their great eternal King;

For us, mean, wretched, sinful men,
Thou laid'st that glory by;-
First, in our mortal flesh, tho serve;
Then, in that flesh, to die.

Bought with thy service and thy blood,
We doubly, Lord, are thine;
To thee our lives we would devote,
To thee our death resign.'

Here are some songs that I hope will encourage you in your walk with Christ or if you have yet to put your faith in Christ may these songs point you to the only One who can give you peace and hope.

~Behold the Man~
John 19:5
By Charles Wesley

'Ye that pass by, be hold the man;
The man of grief condemn'd for you,
The Lamb of God for sinners slain!-
Weeping to Calvary pursue.

His sacred limbs they stretch, they tear,
With nails they fasten to the wood-
His sacred limbs-expos'd and bare,
Or only cover'd with his blood.

See there! his temples crown'd with thorns,
His bleeding hands extended wide,
His streaming feet transfix'd and torn,
The fountain gushing from his side.

Thou dear, thou suffering Son of God,
How doeth thy heart to sinners move!
Sprinkle on us they precious blood,
and melt us with thy dying love.

The earth could to her centre quake,
Convuls'd, when her Creator died;
Oh, may our inmost nature shake,
And bow with Jesus crucified!

At thy last gasp, the graves display'd 
Their horrors to the upper skies;
O that our souls might burst the shade,
And , quicken'd by thy death, arise!

The rocks could feel thy powerful death,
And tremble, and asunder part;
Oh, rend, with thy expiring breath,
The harder marble of our heart!'

The Redeemer's Message
Luke 4:18-19
Phillip Doddridge

'Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour comes,
The saviour promis'd long!
Let every heart prepare a throne,
And every voice a song.

On him, the Spirit, largely pour'd,
Exerts his sacred fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,
His holy breast inspire.

He comes, the prisoners to release,
In Satan's bondage held;
The gates of brass before him burst,
The iron fetters yield.

He comes, from thickest films of vice
To clear the mental ray;
And, on the eyes oppress'd with night,
To pour celestial day.

He comes, the broken heart to bind,
The bleeding soul to cure;
And, with the treasures of his grace,
T' enrich the humble poor.

Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,
Thy welcome shall proclaim;
And heaven's eternal arches ring
With thy beloved name.'

What Shall I Do To Be Saved?

"And he brought them out and said, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved? So they said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved..."
~ Acts 16:29 ~

"Whatever you may gain, life will be a lost adventure, if you do not gain salvation. The condition of the poorest creature that ever yet obtained, though he had but a mere glimmering of intellect, just enough of understanding to apprehend the nature of repentance; although he lived out his days amidst the squalid poverty and repulsive scenes of a hovel or a workhouse; although he was unknown even among the poor; and although when he died he was buried in the pauper's grave on which no tear was ever shed - the condition of even this poor outcast of society is infinitely to be preferred to that of the most successful merchant, the greatest conqueror, the profoundest philosopher, or the sublimest poet that ever existed, if he lived and died without salvation. 
The lowest place in heaven is infinitely to be preferred to the highest place on earth.

Go on then to urge the question, "What shall I do to be saved?" Let no one turn your attention from this matter. As long as you covet this, your eye and heart and hope are fixed on the sublimest object in the universe; and when officious but ignorant friends would persuade you that you are too anxious, point them to the bottomless pit, and ask them if any one can be too anxious to escape its torments.
Point them to heaven, and ask them if any one can be too anxious to obtain its glories.
Point them to the cross of Christ, and ask them if any one can be too anxious to secure the object for which he died." 
~ John Angell James, Exerpt from 'The Anxious Inquirer After Salvation' ~ 

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
~ Romans 5:8 ~

Some of My Sewing and Jewelry Projects...

I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of my various finished projects. Maybe they will inspire you to do something you never thought of before! 

All of these projects were made between 2012 and 2015. I never realized how many things I've made until I started putting this post together! I'm feeling tired just looking through them! 

Below is a baby quilt made up of baby flannel 5" squares and 2" plain cotton squares. The border was light yellow flannel as well as the backing with a silky green party taffeta ruffled binding.

I got the front and backing finished just before our family road trip to New Mexico. 

And was able to finish off the binding while in our cabin at the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico! We didn't know if our friends were expecting a boy or a girl for their first so I thought it was best to be safe and just use all the colors. :) They ended up having a boy, but hopefully he didn't mind having a bit of pink in there. 

Then in 2013 my mom and I saved up money to make a trip to PA for the History of America Mega Conference and a week long Revolutionary War tour with Vision Forum. It was a great time. The last night of the History conference was time period costume night. So of course I had to think of something. One day at a thrift shop I found for $4.00 this dress...

This is just a photo off the internet but it is the same company, color, etc. Any way, I got an idea to combine it with a dress that I had at home that need to be altered. With the help of some friends (it is really hard to pin things while you are in the dress.), I took off the bodice from the one I wanted to alter and inserted inside the dress you see above. 
After it was pined in place I cut off the extra and stitched it in place. Then I took the ruffles that were around the neck line of the "to be altered" dress and made them into mock sleeves, hiding the added bodice. It really helped keep it modest yet giving it that added flair. The other thing that had to change was the tucks in the skirt and again with help from friends I made swags with little cream colored rosettes out of chiffon. It turned out so much better then I expected! 

These pictures were taken at the conference with a hoop skirt under it. 

Around the same year I decided I wanted a fun apron that fit me. With my small torso it's always hard to have to fold up the apron so it fits. And also I wanted one that looked cute. So I went digging through my fabric stash and patterns and came up with this 50's styled apron with a sweetheart neckline and black lace. It's thick canvas type material with tight pinstripe pattern so very durable. I used black binding to edge the top of the apron, the top of the pockets and around the apron skirt. 

Then for Christmas I found a very fun table runner kit. Of course that meant I needed to alter the pattern. I never seem able to follow one exactly. I got the kit from Connecting Threads and loved the fabrics! It screamed my mom to me.  

Since it was small I thought it would be interesting to try my hand at free hand machine quilting. It's not easy but lots of fun to make up as you go...

Then I made a little applique and hand embroidery on the back. My first I've done in a long time...

I tried my hand at a fleece quilt. It came pre-cut into squares with fringed edges. I loved the design but found out it was very important to have a long needle on your sewing machine if you wanted two thick layers to stay sowed together. 

I ended up selling it on Craigslist rather fast. I think I might try to do more in the future...

Another project I did last was making some teapot cozies. I think they turned out better then I expected. I altered the original design to fit different size pots.

I used vintage buttons that I got from my grandma's stuff when she died...

And other buttons just seemed to fit the style of the cozy...

More recently I helped do a few things for my brother's wedding. Since I've done a bit of jewelry over the years I offered to do all the bride's maids jewelry. I put together a few photos of styles and had each pick out their favorite. Each unique to only them! The colors of the wedding were ice blue, silver, and crimson. So this is what I came up with...

This was Kendra's...

I asked which Sarah liked more and she picked the one on the left...

This one was Kortney's... 

This one was Katelyn's...

Then we ran into a snag and time crunch with the shrugs so I asked a friend of the family if she could help me get five red shrugs put together over a weekend. I got the pattern and mock ups made and she helped sew them as I was stuck in bed with the flu. (I wasn't much of a help after the first day). But they got done and I learned a lot along the way...

 I also went a bit crazy and offered to help my new sister with altering her wedding dress. It was topless and she didn't like that. How hard could it be? I've altered dresses before... So with much fear, prayers, and lots of fittings I created a top to attach to the existing bodice. Crazy I know but it seemed to work! No one noticed at all! At least no one said anything to me so I live in sweet ignorance of any mishap...

Another of my projects I did last year was burp cloths to fit the shoulder. I don't know about you but I have narrow shoulders and burp cloths always seem to fall off or not cover enough. So This pattern worked out perfectly. I made it a bit longer then the pattern I found online so it would cover more in the back and front... 

I did one side terry cloth and the other a fun cotton fabric...

For fun I did one visible seam with contrasting thread in a straight stitch then another in zig-zag...

These are very easy to make and they make burp cloths more enjoyable to use. At least I think so...

Last year I found out that one of my was going to have twin boys! So I thought it'd be fun to have matching quilts made for the occasion. One with the main color blue and the other green...

The fronts were a mix of cotton and flannel 5" squares (4.5" when finished). For the binding I did the same as my other baby quilt and got silky fabric. Then I fell in love with Minky fabric and had to have it for the backing. But since I had two quilts to sew I thought it would be faster to free style the quilting part, so I did swirls. I always thought it would be fun to do them on a baby quilt.

Then Mom was sweet enough to give me a hand in doing the elephants. I picked out the pattern online, gave mom the embroidery floss, what to put on the quilts and left the rest to her while I quilted...

I think they turned out perfect. There were of course flaws, but since they were shipped to CA I wont have to look at them all the time and thus be forced to fix them.  

Well, I hope this post helped you get your creative juices working! I would love to hear about your projects! Feel free to drop me a line and maybe a photo or two!